Volunteer for the Keynote Speaker Task Force

Volunteer for the Keynote Speaker Task Force

May 24, 2024 By ACES Staff

Connie Schultz. Kory Stamper. R.L. Stine. Jenny Lawson. Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett. 

A great keynote speaker makes a conference even more memorable. Who have your favorites been? 

Whose editing wisdom and humor would you like to hear at your next conference? 

Jenny Lawson was the keynote speaker for the ACES 2022 virtual conference.

Now's your chance to help identify and recruit speakers. 

We're creating a task force to help us find keynote speakers for ACES conferences. Up first: ACES VCON24

Volunteer for the keynote speaker task force


Task force volunteer opportunities are open to those with these qualifications: 

Be sure to note any prior experience procuring speakers for events. 

Connie Shultz spoke at the Awards Banquet at ACES 2023 Columbus.

Overall responsibilities

Working closely with ACES staff and Board members, the Keynote Speaker Task Force is responsible for identifying and acquiring affirmations from at least one keynote speaker for each of the up-coming virtual and in-person conferences

Task force members are asked to sit for two years, covering four conferences. This task force will begin meeting as soon as the members are selected. 


If you’re interested in participating, fill out the Volunteer for ACES form. You can fill this out more than once. Scroll down to the Other Volunteer Opportunities section. 

The deadline is June 10, 2024, at midnight. 

Questions? Email And thank you! 

Volunteer for the keynote speaker task force

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