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December 20, 2022 ACES News

Reflect on 2022 with ACES President Neil Holdway

Reflect on 2022 with ACES: The Society For Editing

December 20, 2022 ACES News

2022 Year-End Summary from the ACES Executive Director

Look back on the year at ACES with Gigi Sutton

March 11, 2022 ACES News

Meet the 2022 ACES Board candidates

Meet the people running in the 2022 ACES Board of Director election.

December 22, 2021 ACES News

ACES: Year in review

Through the difficulties of this year, our success was made possible because of all of you.

December 2, 2021 ACES News

From the ACES president

I’m excited to see as many of you as I can in San Antonio next spring at the 2022 ACES National Conference.

April 19, 2021 ACES News

2021 ACES Executive Committee election results

ACES welcomes familiar faces back and one first-time board member to the 2021 Board of Directors.

February 15, 2021 ACES News

Meet the 2021 ACES Board candidates

Meet the people running for five positions in the 2021 ACES Board of Directors election.

December 23, 2020 ACES News

ACES: Year in review

We’re excited to kick off 2021, but we wanted to take a moment and look back at everything we accomplished together in 2020.

December 15, 2020 ACES News

Nominations open for ACES Executive Committee

Five positions will be up for vote in 2021, including secretary and treasurer.

July 15, 2020 ACES News

Meet your Executive Committee: Henry Fuhrmann

Get to know those who are serving on the ACES Board of Directors.