Our members are deeply involved in the work of ACES. 

Committee members and their leaders play an integral role in the successful functioning of ACES. It is through committees that much of the work of the organization takes place — from outreach to members to planning educational events to professional development and much more. 

The Board of Directors establishes and oversees committees. It depends on committee leadership and committee members to brainstorm opportunities and complete vital tasks that help make ACES impactful and valuable for its members. All share a common goal — to perform the highest quality work possible.

The ACES committee structure was established in 2022. Committees are currently chaired by Board members. In the future, ACES members will serve as chairs and Board members will serve in an advisory capacity. 

All committee members are members of ACES in good standing.

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Committee chairs leads the committees, are responsible for the group’s adherence to timelines and objectives, and update the Executive Director in a timely manner.


Committee members adhere to the ACES committee bylaws and remain ACES members in good standing for the duration of their term. They assist with the committee's goals and objectives. All committee members agree to work within the requested software platform and keep the data protected.

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Advocacy Advisory Committee

Mark Allen, chair

The Advocacy Advisory Committee advises ACES leadership and other committees on how to support editors and the field of editing.


Amanda Adams
Amy Frushour Kelly
Fatima Tomas
Leslie Buteyn
Sheila Lischwe


  • Provide guidance and thought leadership to tout and support editors and the editing industry via ACES communication channels and possibly other means to ACES members and beyond, such as to businesses that could benefit from editing.
  • Communicate current research, information, thought leadership, and news on editing to ACES leadership and any other committees where it can be useful.
  • Advise on how such information can and should be shared with members.
  • Provide support and guidance on research ACES can undertake to support editors and the field of editing, and how to communicate results from that research to ACES members and beyond.
Awards Committee

Dilane Mitchell and Neil Holdway, cochairs

The Awards Committee oversees and evaluates ACES’ awards and contests, including the Robinson Prize, the Headline Contest, and the Glamann Award, to best honor the ACES membership and the editing community within ACES’ capabilities.


Cassandra Hawkins
Emmalee Torisk
Laura Poole
Matthew Crowley


  • Review the objectives, criteria, and, where applicable, categories of each contest to best honor editors while also keeping each contest’s workload realistic and efficient.
  • Enhance the diversity, inclusivity, and representation of the ACES membership within the contests.
  • Establish and/or evaluate the judging processes, including selecting judges or selecting leaders of judges in each contest.
  • Assist the ACES Board of Directors with the Glamann Award selection criteria and process, as needed.
  • With staff, help establish the nomination and award timelines.
  • Periodically review and evaluate ACES’ contests and awards to determine if they should be updated in whole or part, or eliminated, or if new ones should be established.

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Communications and Publications Committee

Lauren Filippini, chair

The Communications and Publications committee’s goals are to increase member engagement across all communications platforms, identify relevant content for members, and help drive communications strategy.

The committee works in partnership with the ACES Communications and Marketing Manager.


Allison Kranz
Anne Checkosky
Gerri Berendzen
Kristen Clark
Milly Vega
Nicole Wayland
Rachel Fowler


  • Social media planning
  • ACESChat: Work with the staff to identify relevant topics and presenters.
  • Keeping a pulse on industry knowledge and trends that could be shared with members.
  • Keeping ACES’ mission statement in mind when considering communications and content strategy.
  • Assisting with ACES publications, including newsletters, Tracking Changes, and ACES news articles.
  • Strategy

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Committee

Erin Servais and Sharyn L. Flanagan, cochairs

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Committee’s functions are to advise ACES leadership on DEI matters in association strategy and programming and to serve as the voice of the ACES membership in DEI matters.


Andrea Ordonez
Eliot West
Griffin Zimmerman
Regan Richardson
Sabrina Ashwell
Vee White


  • Provide guidance to ensure that ACES offers education, resources, and programs that integrate considerations of relevant cultural needs, preferences, and issues.
  • Communicate current information about diversity, equity, and inclusion from a wide range of perspectives and viewpoints to leadership to inform conversations among the Board and the ACES membership.
  • Advise the Board on an ongoing strategy for addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion for the membership and the editing industry.

Diversity and Inclusion Resources

Membership Committee

Alysha Love, chair

The Membership committee cooperates with the ACES Executive Director, staff, and the Board to provide advice and counsel on matters of membership recruitment and retention.

The chairs of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and the Advocacy advisory committees serve as members of the Membership committee.


Abby Norton
Barbie Halaby
Jess DiDonato


  • Identify the needs of members and recommend the development of services to meet those needs.
  • Recommend means for increasing ACES membership base and retaining membership.
  • Keep membership informed of relevant, helpful, and pertinent information.
  • Recommend to the ACES Executive Director, Board, other ACES committees, and related association practices in which to make prospective and current members aware of the resources, services, and membership benefits of ACES.
  • Conduct welcoming activities throughout the year.
  • Assess ACES membership benefits and value of membership annually.
  • Annually review membership dues in alignment with the budget.
  • Identify nonmember needs and perceptions.
  • Gather information on and analyze nonmembers’ needs and perceptions of ACES and recommend ways in which to meet these needs in order to attract nonmembers to join ACES.

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Training Committee

Crystal Shelley, chair
Barbie Halaby, In-Person Training Subcommittee chair
Rumit Pancholi, Online Training Subcommittee chair

The Training Committee promotes the continuing education and professional development of ACES members. The committee focuses on outreach that supports opportunities to engage members with a diverse set of professional groups for both technical and personal growth within the industry. The committee works closely with the Events and Professional Development Manager.

Two subcommittees make up the Training Committee: the Online Training Subcommittee and the In-Person Training Subcommittee.

Online Training Subcommittee


Laura Wackwitz
Lindsey Jarvie
Lorraine Delp
MJ Jayanth
Stacia Seaman

The Online Training Subcommittee promotes the online continuing education and professional development of ACES’ members within all ACES online platforms including, but not limited to, the ACES Academy webcast library, partnered programs with The Poynter Institute, and any other partnership or platform approved by ACES.


  • Augment the breadth and depth of topics offered on ACES Academy monthly webcasts.
  • Design an organizational system to categorize the current ACES Academy webcast library contents and improve searchability.
  • Review all potential ACES Academy webcast submissions and recommend submissions for acceptance.
  • Review the current LMS system experience for online learners and recommend prioritized improvements for ACES to consider when contracting with a new LMS provider.
  • Submit suggested copy for the launch of any new ACES online learning initiative.
  • Complete outreach to identify and approach new presenters for the various online learning platforms, except for conferences.

In-Person Training Subcommittee


Cheryl Isaac
Lynn Stock
Robin Kelly

The In-Person Training Subcommittee promotes the in-person continuing education and professional development of ACES’ members including, but not limited to, ACES boot camps, cohort training, pre-conference sessions, and any other in-person training opportunity that may arise within ACES or with an approved partner of ACES.


  • Design a sustainable boot camp model and help with rollout to ACES membership base.
  • Recruit talent to host workshops for boot camps that will serve various levels of editing skills and offer relevant and key topics of interest to ACES membership base.
  • Review all potential ACES boot camp session submissions and recommend submissions for acceptance.
  • Submit suggested copy for initial introduction of boot camps to ACES membership base to be used by ACES staff in marketing efforts.
  • Review copy for each boot camp release to maximize impact of the marketing message.
  • Design surveys to be administered to boot camp attendees and evaluate responses, recommending any revisions or actions to be taken.

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