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July 11, 2019

4 Tips for Mastering the Art of Editing Different Brand Voices

As an editor, one of the greatest talents you can foster is editing for brand voice. 

July 1, 2019 ACES News

Clamp Down on Unhelping Verbs

Too often, writers will unnecessarily build up verb phrases, which is known as smothering verbs.

June 30, 2019 ACES News

5 Ways to Break the Vicious Circle of Newbies

You can’t get hired without experience but you can’t get experience without getting hired.

June 24, 2019

Context Menus — Productivity Boosters

​The context menu is a pop-up of options in any program that changes depending on what the mouse is pointing at when you open it.

June 20, 2019 ACES News

7 Steps to Marketing Yourself as a Freelance Editor

John Jantsch’s The Referral Engine: Teaching Your Business to Market Itself can help you shape your marketing strategy.

June 13, 2019

You Know More About SEO Than You Think You Do

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about common sense.

June 12, 2019 ACES News

A Mouthful of Etymologies

Why are any of our teeth called what they’re called?

May 31, 2019

Financial advice for editors taking the freelance leap

How often you get paid is only part of the financial equation for running your own business. Here are some more thoughts on preparing for the freelance leap.

May 3, 2019

ACES: The quirky word-loving culture

With so many experts in editing and writing occupying the same space, there is no shortage of reasons to attend. Yet, what is it that brings people to ACES?

April 26, 2019 Resources

A Farewell to Ibid: Editing Footnotes

It’s easy for editors to treat notes as an afterthought, but by approaching them with craft and care, they can be helpful, approachable, and useful.