ACES has recently created two newsletters that are emailed regularly to members and nonmembers. 

ACES Weekly News posts on Monday (Tuesday in the event of a holiday) and has the latest announcements about ACES' events and opportunities. The first issue was sent out on January 22, 2024. 

ACES: Editors Corner is sent out on the last Friday of the month except December. As well as learning the top ACES news, you can meet an ACES member, catch up on industry news and articles, and pick up some editing tips on proofreading, writing, language, and more. The first issue is expected to be sent on February 23, 2024.

ACES also sends out news about upcoming conferences and training opportunities, as needed. 

Drop some knowledge

Editors tend to be generous with information. Here's an opportunity to share some with the editing community, via the ACES newsletters:  

Industry news and articles
Share relevant articles, old and new, about language, grammar, and the editing world. Give us news about editors and editing. 

Meet a Member
Introduce yourself. Pass on your wisdom and experience — or your questions. Why are you a member of ACES? 

Tip Jar
Share editing tips with your colleagues. 

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