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April 5, 2024 ACES News

AP Stylebook Announces Historic Merriam-Webster Collaboration at ACES 2024 San Diego

Merriam-Webster will be the new AP primary dictionary, plus new guidance on “obese,” “unique,” and climate crisis

March 28, 2024 ACES News

ACES Headline Contest to Return in May

A change in deadlines, new entry count criteria, and other changes will be announced.

March 4, 2024 ACES News

The Results are in: Read the Winning Entry in ACES' 14th Annual Poetry Contest

Leslie F. Miller's Hamlet-adjacent limerick is the winner of the 2024 ACES National Grammar Day Poetry Contest.

March 1, 2024 ACES News

Announcing ACES' Annual Poetry Contest, in Honor of National Grammar Day

March 4 is National Grammar Day. Time to get your poetry on.

February 2, 2024 ACES News

ACES Awards Walsh Scholarship to Northwestern’s Russell Leung

Walsh Scholarship winner Leung impressed the selection committee with his wide range of skills and experience.

February 2, 2024 ACES News

ACES Awards Nearly $10,000 in Scholarships to Five Student Editors

The 2023-24 recipients have a wide range of experience, interests, and location.

December 20, 2023 ACES News

2023 Year-End Summary from Gigi Sutton, ACES Executive Director

A Year of Triumphs and Teamwork: Reflecting on 2023 at ACES: The Society for Editing

December 20, 2023 ACES News

ACES President Neil Holdway's reflections on 2023

​In 2023, ACES and ACES members were really getting down to business.

April 5, 2023 Contests and Awards

ACES 2022 Headline Contest Winners

Announcing the 2022 National Headline Contest winners

March 4, 2023 ACES News

Winning poem reflects our shyness about grammar

Jay Waters is the winner of the 2023 ACES National Grammar Day Poetry Contest.