Wanna chat about editing? ACES brings the editing community together each month on Twitter to chat about editing, exchange tips, and share a little editorial fellowship.

When are the chats? 
4 p.m. Eastern on the first and third Wednesday of each month.

Guest & Topic Submission
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Upcoming Chats:

March 3

Title: It's a Grammar Party

Guest: Ellen Jovin

Description: On the eve of National Grammar Day, please join Ellen Jovin of the Grammar Table for a freewheeling, wide-ranging, thoroughly nerdy linguachat on topics of current as well as perpetual interest to lovers and arrangers of words. You may well encounter a few spontaneous Grammar Table polls, but you are also invited to bring your own questions about grammar topics ranging from technical to philosophical.

March 17

Title: Editing for Trade Associations and Technical Industries

Guest: Heather Benjamin

Description: As editors, we may find ourselves working in niche areas, with content that is outside our area of expertise. Join Heather Benjamin as she discusses editing for trade associations and technical industries, and the challenges of editing in an industry where you may not be an expert. 

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