Tracking Changes is the quarterly journal of ACES: The Society for Editing. The journal explores all things editorial, with a focus on practical advice that working copy editors can apply immediately to their day-to-day efforts.

Tracking Changes is currently on hiatus and it will resume in 2024. 

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The journal features insights from leaders in the editorial field: Carol Fisher Saller, for example, discussing her new edition of "The Subversive Copy Editor." Lisa McLendon explaining how to diagram sentences. Gerri Berendzen sharing her personal editorial checklist. Karen Yin and Steve Bien-Aime discussing how editors can avoid hidden bias in language.

We also highlight the ideas and accomplishments of our many members around the world in our regular “About Us” column. In recent issues, members have shared the best editing advice they ever received, their favorite catches, and their top takeaways from the ACES annual conference. 

And, just for fun, we let members showcase their bookshelves and talk about the resources that mean the most to them. Recent issues have featured the tennis-related titles of the late Washington Post editor Bill Walsh and the 800+ cookbooks collected by self-professed cookbook junkie Diana Mota. 

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