The ACES Academy offers an easy-to-search course list including live and recorded webcasts, virtual boot camps, and on-demand courses. Editors can access a suite of training materials that includes webcasts, on-demand courses, quizzes and in-depth virtual training sessions.

What is the cost of a course in The ACES Academy?

You can see the cost of each training by expanding details in the course description.

How do I search for a specific course?

To search for a specific course:

  • Click “course list” at the top of the screen.
  • Sort all courses by either ascending or descending order.
  • Courses can also be searched by the name of the course in the available search bar.
How do I search for a course type (ie: live webcast, recorded webcast, etc)?

To search for a course type: Click “course list” at the top of the screen.

  • To view all upcoming live webcasts, select the live webcast option.
  • Select the filter by tab to see the available options.
  • You can choose to select one or more than one option to search.
When registering I received the error: "you are not eligible to take this form." What does this mean?

This is letting you know you are already registered and you are unable to register twice. A reminder email with the training information is sent prior to the training event.

I registered for an upcoming webcast. When will I receive a copy of the webcast materials?

Once you complete your registration, you should receive an email confirmation letting you know your registration has been completed.

ACES sends all attendees a reminder email the day prior as well as the day of the webcast. This includes the webcast login information and any pre-webcast materials.

The Monday following the webcast, ACES sends all attendees an email with the webcast recording, webcast survey, and any follow-up materials from the webcast.

Are all webcasts recorded?

Most of the ACES webcasts are recorded. If the webcast is not going to be recorded, it will be listed on the event in The ACES Academy.

However, every now and then we may run into a technology issue that keeps us from being able to record a webcast.

Please email any additional questions to

The ACES Academy