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Milly Marie Vega-Pérez

Job: corporate communications specialist, MCS Puerto Rico
ACES member since: 2022
Location: Puerto Rico

ACES involvement: I attend the monthly webcasts whenever possible or access the recordings afterwards. In addition, I attended the ACES VCON in 2022 and 2023. Last year, I served as judge in the Annual Headline Contest, and I became a member of the ACES Communication and Publications Committee.

Why did you join ACES: I was eager to join an editors’ association to hone my skills and meet colleagues from around the world. Editing communications in Spanish and English takes most of my daily work shift and I am always looking for webcasts and other training experiences. Because I learned English as a second language, I wanted to meet native English speakers to engage in conversations and gain confidence.

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Anita Coryell

Job: owner, A.L. Copyediting Services
ACES member since: 2022 
Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Why did you join ACES: I had been a member of EFA for years and wanted a change. I like the job board and the Editors for Hire listings at ACES, and the platform is more user-friendly for me.

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Kristen Clark

Job: owner and founder, Pristine Clarity
ACES member since: 2022
Why did you join ACES: My day job is being a full-time editor for a local government agency, and it grew a bit isolating not knowing many others who had positions like mine. I joined ACES in search of a community that understood the challenges, successes, and joys of editing in that specific environment. And I found my people!

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Rachel Fowler 

Job: Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers
ACES member since: 2022
Why did you join ACES: I joined ACES to learn more tips and tricks related to editing. I also joined to connect with other great editors! 

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Anne Checkosky

Job: Senior Editor, National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI)
ACES member since: 2018 
Why did you join ACES: The editorial department at NCCI had never been affiliated with a professional editing organization. I was tasked with researching what was available and discovered ACES; my boss and I attended our first ACES conference together.

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Donna Marks 

Job: Freelance Editor, Edits By Marks
ACES member since: 2018 
Why did you join ACES: To stay on top of industry happenings and opportunities.

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