Present at ACES VCON24

Present at ACES VCON24

May 6, 2024 By ACES Staff ACES News

Do you have expertise in an area that you think editors could really use? Have you presented virtually before? Are you thinking about proposing a session at an ACES conference? 

Now's the time. The deadline to submit a session for ACES VCON24 is Wednesday, May 15, at midnight, Eastern time.

AP presented style updates at ACES VCON23

As you're contemplating what to offer, the following suggestions will help you decide if and what to propose, as offered by Kristin Shoop, the ACES events and professional development manager

Who should propose a session? 

Anyone with at least some online presenting experience. 

"ACES welcomes speakers at all levels in their speaking journey," Shoop says. "Be candid about your experience presenting virtually. If you have NEVER presented virtually, get at least one experience prior to submitting so you know whether presenting virtually is for you." 

If you haven't presented virtually, ACES has your back: Propose an ACES webcast and get some experience in that venue — and ACES pays $200 per webcast.

Propose an ACES VCON24 session

What should the proposal say?

"In the Description section, be clear about what information you intend to share, how it relates to editing, and why an editor would want to benefit from this information," Shoop says. 

"Write the Learning Objectives as if an employer is judging as to whether the session is worthwhile to invest in their employee's time and cost to attend. Provide clear takeaways and list resources if you intend to share them."

be sure to decide what topic the session would fit under ...

 ... and skill level:

In all cases, attendees sort themselves as they see fit, so be sure to be in alignment with the skill level you've chosen. 

"Be intentional about how you structure the session, the material you share, and the resources you provide," says Shoop. "Let your passion and expertise shine through! Write like you mean it." 

Why should someone submit a proposal?

ACES VCON24 session submission form

How to submit a proposal

It's very simple. Click on the link and follow the prompts. You'll be asked for a session title, description, and learning objectives, as well as a short bio, a headshot, and contact information. 

Anyone submitting a proposal should first review the "About ACES" section in the submission form, Shoop says. It provides guidance about who the audience is, what levels are directed at which type of editor, and more.

What if it's not accepted

Lack of quality isn't the only reason a session proposal might not make the cut. Maybe that topic was recently presented. Maybe someone else suggested the same topic. Your proposal might work just as well — or even better — as a webcast, or at a different conference, or in another year. It might be simply that there's more proposals than time in the schedule and someone's has to be cut. You can always resubmit it. 

Propose an ACES VCON24 session

Meet the brains behind the operation

Since Kristin Shoop came to ACES in late 2021, she has introduced several changes in the association's training programs. These include new platforms for session submissions (The Magic of Sessionboard: Happy Speakers Make a Happy Conference) and conference hosting (This is Not Your Parents Conference App). 

She was instrumental in establishing the Session Selection Task Force, made up of experienced ACES members, which thoroughly reviews each proposed session and makes recommendations. Shoop is the final arbiter of the overall lineup of an ACES conference. She makes sure that levels and tracks — another of her innovations — are well-represented, as well as diversity in topics and speakers.  

"My job is to have that big-picture view of the conference — and all our professional development — and make sure we offer a comprehensive lineup of educational enrichment opportunities," she says. 

Shoop is also the staff advisor to the ACES Training Committee, where she works closely with the committee volunteers on what professional development ACES might offer and in what environment: virtual or in-person.

She brings close to three decades of experience in training, event management, and sales to the table, in public, private, and international sectors. She's worked for Marriott International, George Mason University, the United States Marine Corps, and the Embassy of Australia. She is a licensed trainer, and a certified image consultant — she trained at the Protocol School of Washington and the Association of Image Consultants International. 

All by which to say: Shoop knows her stuff.

Propose an ACES VCON24 session

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