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December 3, 2019 ACES News


Join us for #GivingTuesday and help us reach our goal of $2,500

November 27, 2019 Interview with an Editor

Interview with an editor: Jay Wang

Get to know an editor!

November 25, 2019 Resources

Catching potentially expensive errors of fact

How much does an editor really save a company compared to how much you pay them?

November 20, 2019 Interview with an Editor

Interview with an editor: Laura Poole

Get to know an editor!

October 28, 2019

The translator-editor collaboration: From “parliament” to “congress” and beyond

If you edit translated content, be prepared to navigate a linguistic minefield.

October 25, 2019

#ACESchat with Ellen Datlow

A follow-up to the #ACESchat with guest Ellen Datlow

October 16, 2019

How to choose your business name

As editors, we know that the right article title is best determined after the article is written. So, too, with the names we give our businesses.

October 15, 2019

Know your creatures of the night

This Halloween, learn your banshees from your bogeymen and your phantoms from your poltergeists, as well as where they came from — etymologically, at least.

October 14, 2019

Journalism tools for the modern copyeditor

Looking outside the niche of tools designed for editors can reveal an assortment of useful resources.

October 10, 2019

Can you afford to take that editing job?

What details should you consider before making a commitment?