Silent Auction 101

Silent Auction 101

February 14, 2024 By ACES Staff ACES News

Ever been to a silent auction?

The ACES Education Fund 's Silent Auction is one of the highlight events of ACES conferences. 

It's hilarious: The slogans on the hats and mugs and T-shirts can make you giggle when you think of them months later. 

It's exciting: Jostling with your friends and colleagues for the nerdiest items is not to be missed. 

It's educational: Who knew 50-year-old style guides could be so interesting? Who knew our editing colleagues could be so generous, and so creative with their handmade crafts (quilts), knowledge (Central Park tours), and numerous other contributions? 

It's essential: The Silent Auction is a crucial part of the ACES Education Fund's fundraising activities. All auction proceeds go directly to the Education Fund, which supports the future of editing through its scholarship programs.

If you've never been to a silent auction, here's a quick primer. 

  1. Donate your items by March 20
  2. When you pack for conference, leave a little space in your suitcase for the indispensable editing swag you'll surely win.
  3. Tour the items that are up for auction. The Silent Auction starts at 8 a.m. on Thursday, April 4, 2024. (Photos of the items will be displayed until just before bidding closes, when the actual items will be available.) Location to be announced. 
  4. Get bidding. Bid early and often — it's for a good cause.       
  5. Check back in periodically during the conference to see how your bids are going.
  6. Keep bidding. Be generous — remember that good-cause thing. 
  7. View the actual items in the hours before bidding closes, which is promptly at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 5, at the start of the banquet.
  8. In the final hour, go through the bidding sheets one last time
  9. In the final minutes, hover over your must-have items. Football pads optional.  
  10. Win your bid(s)! Because of course you will. 
  11. Pay for your item(s) at the registration on Saturday morning, April 6, 8 a.m.–noon and take them with you. Items not retrieved by noon will be forfeited.
  12. Feel really good that you are supporting the future of editing — as well as scoring some cool merch.

The Silent Auction is just one more thing to look forward to at ACES 2024 San Diego: Unleashing Creativity. Don't miss out. 

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