March 26-28, 2015

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Wyndam Grand Pittsburgh Downtown

Certain presenters will make the handouts from their 2015 ACES conference sessions available after the conference. These are provided as a service of the society and of the authors who are sharing their work. Sharing material is at the presenters’ discretion. While this material is available freely to you, you may not reuse these materials, in any form, without consent of ACES and the authors.

Art of the Link: Linking, Ethics and Verification

Avoiding Pitfalls in Medical Editing

Beltway Blues: Editing Washington copy

Beyond the Plain Language Edit: Editing for Low-literacy and ESL readers

Building Your Brand With Social Media

Bulletproofing Data-Driven Stories

Critical Editing: Finding the Red Flags That You Need to Check, PowerPoint

Deep Grammar

Disability and Mental Health: Editing for Clarity and Accuracy

Editing Fun and Games

Editing in a Digital Environment: Best Practices for Workflow and Quality Control

Editing Medical and Scientific Tables

Fact Checking for Niche Publications

Future Tense: Messages From My Students

Getting it Right on Social Media

Headlines, Not Cheaplines or Borelines

How to Get the Job You Want (PowerPoint; Handout1, Handout2)

Leadership in the Workplace

Legal Pitfalls on Social Media

Libel-Proof Your Writing: The Importance of Accuracy and Attribution (extra: Word handout)

LUCIA, or Shedding Light on Government Reports

Stress Reduction for Editors (extra: Resources)

Think Twice about Health Literacy: Writing and Editing for a Patient Audience

Top 10 Apps for Editors

Using Checklists to Foolproof your Editing

Working Away From the Office: Benefits and Drawbacks

Conference News

Cutting through cop talk

Getting it right on mental health begins with facts and language

A bulletproof workflow for data-driven stories

Between You and Me

Zimmer: On hashtags, emoji, language trends, and how words will disappoint the sticklers

Advice on how to get the job you want