New ACES Communications in the Works

New ACES Communications in the Works

January 19, 2024 By ACES Staff ACES News

All the various communications tools that ACES uses to communicate with the editing community are being reinvigorated and updated — and new ones are being created. In the next few weeks, ACES will be: 

Most of this content is available to members and nonmembers alike. 

The new ACES communications and marketing manager is working closely with the other ACES staff members — the executive director and the events and professional development manager — along with the new Communications and Publications Committee to create new platforms and enhance current ones. 

ACES Weekly News and ACES: Editors Corner 
ACES Weekly News is the latest incarnation of various ACES email updates. The goal is to offer fewer emails with more information that’s all in one place. That’s why everyone is urged to read it through — or at least skim it — when they receive it. ACES Weekly News will post on Monday mornings (Tuesdays in the event of a holiday). 

ACES: Editors Corner will be sent out on the last Friday of the month except December. As well as sharing top ACES news, the monthly newsletter will offer readers a chance to meet an ACES member, catch up on industry news and articles, and pick up editing tips on proofreading, writing, language, and more. The first issue is planned for Feb. 23, 2024. 

ACES Guide for New Editors
Coming in February 2024, this new downloadable document was created by experienced volunteer editors for those who are new to editing or transitioning to editing from another career. New editors will be introduced to types of editing, explore ways they might begin their career, understand important topics editors consider in their roles, gain an international perspective, and review a checklist to get started. 

The new guide will be available to all free of charge.

The Guide for New Editors webpage will also include a curated list of ACES resources for new editors drawn from ACES articles and presentations. Some items are available to nonmembers. Become a member to gain free access to the entire collection. 

This guide was compiled by a task force of the ACES Communications and Publications Committee.

ACES website: 
Given that website design protocols change quickly, and that the ACES site has accumulated a great deal of useful information, we are working to organize the site a little more efficiently. This includes revising text so that it adheres to the ACES Style Guide, reducing duplication of content on more than one page, and updating the navigation so that visitors to the site can access the information they seek more quickly. 

ACES held Twitter chats twice a month for many years and they’ve been very popular with both members and nonmembers. The loss of Twitter can’t be overstated. It’s clear our audiences are leaving X but it's not apparent where they're going. We're exploring moving the chats to Instagram, or maybe LinkedIn, and plan to test-drive a chat on these platforms in the next few weeks. It’s unlikely #ACESCHATS will continue on X. 

Tracking Changes
We are revamping Tracking Changes, ACES’ signature quarterly, and expect to reboot it in 2024. ACES members are sent this publication as part of their membership and back issues are always available to them. If you are not a member, please go to the ACES Membership page for more information about joining. 

The Communications and Publications Committee 
Chaired by Board member Lauren Filippini, the Communications and Publications Committee has been helping ACES staff to think through communications strategy and to develop content. This is one of a half dozen committees ACES has developed as a way to support the goals set by the ACES Board of Directors in its Strategic Plan 2022–2024. 

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