ACES Webcast Presenters Now Receive $200 Per Webcast

ACES Webcast Presenters Now Receive $200 Per Webcast

January 30, 2024 By Gigi Sutton, MBA, ACES Executive Director ACES News

ACES: The Society for Editing is proud to announce the launch of a new initiative to pay webcast speakers a $200 honorarium per webcast. 

This decision reflects ACES' commitment to acknowledging the invaluable expertise and contributions of our esteemed speakers. This honorarium is a small token of our gratitude for the time and effort they invest in creating compelling webcasts for the editing community.

It was made possible through the efforts of the ACES Online Training Subcommittee, which worked closely with the ACES event and professional development manager, and was supported and approved by the ACES Board of Directors

These webcasts are monthly hour-long presentations on topics of interest to the editing community. The topics of the presentations, which are offered through ACES Academy, are wide-ranging and generally focus on the areas of core editing skills, words and language, the business of editing, and wellness and self-care in the editing context. They are a superb opportunity for audiences and presenters alike. 

ACES webcasts are open to all and free to ACES members, who also have access to the association’s deep library of past webcasts. Presenters are not required to be a member of ACES. 

The initiative was proposed by the Board of Directors as part of the ACES Strategic Plan 2022–2024, which provided comprehensive due diligence and enthusiastic support throughout the decision-making process. It is through the Board’s guidance that ACES continues to evolve and remain at the forefront of providing pertinent and engaging content to our diverse community.

The ACES Online Training Subcommittee brought it to fruition. Their insightful recommendations, meticulous planning, and thorough research played a crucial role in securing the Board's final approval.

The subcommittee is part of the larger ACES committee structure. Committees play an integral role in the successful functioning of ACES. They’re established and overseen by the Board of Directors, which depends on committee leadership and members to brainstorm opportunities and complete vital tasks that help make ACES impactful and valuable for its members.  

ACES thrives on promoting excellence in editing and providing valuable resources to its members. Our webcast speakers play a significant role in delivering relevant and engaging content to the editing community. Through their insights and experiences, they help shape and enrich the understanding of editors both within and beyond the organization.

We invite members and nonmembers alike to join us in celebrating this step towards cultivating an environment that nurtures and appreciates the contributions of experts in the field of editing.

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ACES: The Society for Editing is the nation’s leading organization of editing professionals, educators, and students. Founded in 1997 by copy editors, ACES is dedicated to improving the quality of the written word and the working lives of editors. It sets standards of excellence and gives a voice to editors in journalism, government, business, publishing, and beyond through top-notch training, networking, and career opportunities. ACES hosts an annual in-person conference and, since 2022, an annual virtual conference. ACES Academy hosts monthly webinars. ACES also offers certificates in editing, which it co-hosts with The Poynter Institute, a global leader in journalism. 

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