Exciting News: In-person Training Returns —First Stop: San Diego

Exciting News: In-person Training Returns —First Stop: San Diego

This just in! ACES is delighted to announce the long-awaited return of in-person professional development. 

In-person training has been on hold since the pandemic. 

Now, in a triumphant return, ACES presents "Ask the Editing Experts Roundtable," presented in San Diego on April 3, 2024, the day before ACES 2024 San Diego: Unleashing Creativity kicks off. 

The perfect lead-in to the conference, the workshop provides an intimate interactive exchange of information among experts and participants in small-group encounters. It's designed to facilitate rich and meaningful discussions with a select group of experts, providing a forum for sharing experiences, tackling challenges, and creating lasting connections.

This workshop will be valuable for every editor, and especially for anyone new to the profession, exploring the field, or at their first ACES conference. 

Learn more about the "Ask the Editing Experts Roundtable" workshop. Participation in this workshop is limited in order to ensure an intimate experience. Please consider this a personal invitation to make the most out of this opportunity.

Brought to you by the Board, the In-person Training Subcommitte, and ACES staff

This initiative is a result of strategic goals set by the ACES Board of Directors during its midterm planning meeting. Recognizing the value of in-person training and the need to foster collaboration and community, the Board entrusted the In-person Training Subcommittee to work closely with the ACES events and professional development manager to make this event a reality.

The In-person Training Subcommittee is one of a half dozen committees created in 2023 that ACES has developed as a way to support the goals set by the ACES Board of Directors in its Strategic Plan 2022–2024. 

Committees and their leaders play an integral role in the successful functioning of ACES. It is through committees that much of the work of the organization takes place — from outreach to members to planning educational events to professional development and much more. 

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to your participation in this exciting endeavor. Together, let's maximize our potential, grow as professionals, and shape the future of editing.

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