Your dream job starts with 'you': You can find it and get it on the internet with these tips

Your dream job starts with 'you': You can find it and get it on the internet with these tips

May 3, 2018 By Amanda Drapiewski, Online News Association University of South Florida St. Petersburg Conferences

It can be tough to find a job in digital editing. Some days, it seems like every else in the universe has more experience than you, or does a better job creating a personal brand. That’s where Megan Paolone, copy chief of Buzzfeed, and Dru Moorhouse, deputy copy chief of Buzzfeed, came in.

At the 2018 ACES National Conference, they spoke to a room of eager copy editors who wanted to know, “What do I need to do to land that dream job?”

Paolone and Moorhouse covered topics like important skills, networking, your personal brand, job hunting and increasing your chances.

“Copy editors have a hunger and desire to learn,” Moorhouse said.

To get started, Moorhouse suggested that copy editors acquire fluency with CMSs (content management systems), video editing software, collaboration tools like Slack, and SEO/analytics tools.

“Don't underestimate learning on the job,” Moorhouse said.

Palone emphasized the importance of creating a presence on the web that represents your personal brand. She recommended that editors:

For your resume, Paolone offered the following suggestions:

If your resume isn't getting the response you want, she encouraged taking these measures:

“What are you doing to better yourself?” Paolone asked the audience. "Keep asking yourself that question."

Once you have an interview scheduled, Paolone said to follow these tips:

As the session came to an end, Moorhouse and Paolone gave the crowd two final words of advice: “Be yourself.”

Header image credit: ONA USFSP/Skyla Luckey

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