ACES Evolve 2023

Track: Words and Language

Beyond Do No Harm: Medical Editing for Inclusivity | Vee White, Toni Willis

Can They Say That? When “Wrong” May Actually Be Right | Lisa McLendon

Food for Thought: How We Talk About Food and Weight and Why It Matters | Jill Campbell

Lives of the Editors | Mary Norris

Sounding Like the “Right Sort” | James Harbeck

Strange and Unusual: Does English Deserve Its Oddball Reputation? | Katya Jenson

Telling the Story: Integrating Narrative Elements Into Academic Writing | Dr. Olson Pook

That Word Chat: Live | Mark Allen, Heather Saunders

What’s new in AP style? | Paula Froke and Colleen Newvine

Yes, We’re Everywhere: Editing LGBTQIA+ Characters and Stories | Cindy Cresap, Jenny Harmon, Ruth Sternglantz

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