ACES Evolve 2023

And Then They Said… | Christina M. Frey

Writing good dialogue is an art. Editing dialogue is an art too, because so many factors affect whether dialogue is working and what revisions will make the most difference—all while keeping the author’s voice and the mood of the scene in mind. 

This session explores how to take dialogue from flat to fab. We’ll cover balancing authenticity and pacing; using narrative to shake up rhythmic patterns; questioning habitual and cliché action beats; and keeping the flow strong so the dialogue draws the reader through the story every bit as much as the narrative does.

Intermediate Level, All editors, Book editors, Advanced Skills


Christina M. Frey is an editor, literary coach, and editing instructor ( and served as co-executive of the Editorial Freelancers Association for six years. She teaches line editing and specializes in helping both novice and experienced writers to develop and refine their authorial voice.

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