ACES Evolve 2023

Telling the Story: Integrating Narrative Elements Into Academic Writing | Dr. Olson Pook

Academic writing can be pretty dry. One way editors can help is by bringing the craft of narrative to the table. This session will look at real before and after examples from articles and manuscripts across multiple academic fields for ideas and techniques regarding how to shape prose and integrate quotes to make what's written more engaging. During our time together we'll even practice utilizing different approaches to reinforce what we discover.

Intermediate Level, Students, Freelance editors, Book editors, Words and Language 


Dr. Olson Pook has twenty years of experience editing journal articles, academic manuscripts, and non-fiction books to help tell a compelling story. Although officially his job is to fine-tune other people’s writing, what he really does is help smart, creative minds find the clearest way to express the complexity of what they’re thinking -- and oftentimes that's through incorporating narrative techniques and more effective use of quoted evidence.

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