ACES Evolve 2023

Can They Say That? When “Wrong” May Actually Be Right | Lisa McLendon

As editors, we need to be ever mindful of the shifting line between standard/“correct” language and evolving words and usages. Using examples from journalism, advertising and popular culture, this session will discuss how new words and constructions may seem wrong but, in fact, do follow the rules of English grammar. We’ll also discuss the contexts in which these elements may – or may not yet – be acceptable.

Introductory, All editors, Words and Language


Lisa McLendon joined the University of Kansas journalism school as the coordinator of the Bremner Editing Center in 2012, after 12 years as a newspaper copy editor. She launched her journalism career at the Denton (Texas) Record-Chronicle, then went on to the Wichita (Kansas) Eagle. McLendon, who has a doctorate in Slavic linguistics, is the author of “The Perfect English Grammar Workbook,” published in 2017.

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