Anne Checkosky

Job: Senior Editor, National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI)
ACES member since: 2018 

Why ACES: The editorial department at NCCI had never been affiliated with a professional editing organization. I was tasked with researching what was available and discovered ACES; my boss and I attended our first ACES conference together.

ACES involvement: 
Attended the 2018 conference in Providence, RI. I'm currently a member of the Communications & Publications Committee.

What you like about editing: Making something sound as good as it can. Not to mention catching errors that might make others look less than professional.

How you knew you were an editor: I've always been good with punctuation, spelling, and grammar. After reporting for a number of years, I was promoted to editor and it stuck! It was, and continues to be, a good fit for me.

Favorite editing resourceMerriam-Webster

Favorite editing fix: Simplifying a complex sentence with plain language. Present tenses. It makes sentences pop instead of drag.

When you're not editing: Spend time with friends and family. I also like discovering new red wines, whether reading about them or tasting them.

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