Kristen Clark
Job: owner and founder, Pristine Clarity
ACES member since: 2022

Why ACES: My day job is being a full-time editor for a local government agency, and it grew a bit isolating not knowing many others who had positions like mine. I joined ACES in search of a community that understood the challenges, successes, and joys of editing in that specific environment. And I found my people! 

ACES involvement: I attended the ACES Evolve conference in spring 2023 and then ACES VCon in fall 2023. I've been a member of the ACES Communication and Publications Committee since summer 2023.

What you like about editing: I've always had an eye for detail and a love for language. I enjoy working with writers to help them express themselves as clearly and as effectively as possible. I find so much passion in this work that last year I formed my own editing and consulting business on the side, so I can help more writers thrive!

How you knew you were an editor: As a former journalist, I used to think writing was my greatest passion. At the same time, I was meticulous about my own work, constantly self-editing up until deadline and eager to learn from the editors who helped me grow as a writer. Now in this second act of my career, I've found even greater fulfillment on the editing side — I love seeing the evolution of a draft from start to finish, and I'm especially proud when I can see the progress writers make in improving their skills through the lessons they glean from my edits.

Favorite editing resourceAP Stylebook for the win

Favorite catch: It's a tie for me: "utilize,” (just say “use”), and unnecessary uses of "that” as a conjunction. (If it's not needed for clarity, I immediately cut it.)

When you're not editing: I love to travel to new places whenever possible; I learn so much about myself and the world the more I'm exposed to new places. I also enjoy hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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