Good Grammar is the Life of the Party

Good Grammar is the Life of the Party

By Curtis Honeycutt

Good Grammar is the Life of the Party: Tips for a Wildly Successful Life will convert grammar goofballs into bonafide word nerds.

As the writer of the award-winning humor column "Grammar Guy," Curtis Honeycutt's grammar advice appears in dozens of newspapers every week. His debut book--filled with witty word wisdom--is designed to make your life more awesome by improving your grammar.

Do you love language, but sometimes get tripped up by confusing grammar rules? Good Grammar is the Life of the Party is like a cheat code for your social life. Level up your grammar game to become a linguistic legend--from romantic relationships to job promotions to getting invited to fancy roof parties. Climb the corporate ladder, convince people you're smart, and win at life with dozens of helpful tips on how to master the English language.

Grammar aficionados and beginners alike will love this fresh, friendly approach to tackling American English grammar and punctuation rules.

This book answers some of life's most pressing questions, including:

How can I make myself irresistible to attractive people? What's a moot? Why don't people like me? How can I increase my holiday card list to over 1,000 friends? Is irregardless even a word? Where can I find the best box of wine? Can I...or, may I...end a sentence in a preposition? Are robot overlords ruining our grammar? What are the chances I'll get killed by a falling coconut?

GGITLOTP offers accessible mini-essays that provide a quirky spin on proper grammar usage along with tips for achieving massive personal success.

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