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The American Copy Editors Society conducts elections each February for its Executive Committee. The number of positions varies by year, as the officer and board positions are staggered.

Nominations were accepted through Jan. 15Voting will take place Feb. 15 to March 1. Information on the candidates will be posted soon.


Nominations can be made by anyone who is a member in good standing during the nomination period of Dec. 15 to Jan. 15. Prospective candidates may nominate themselves. Full, associate, and student members are eligible to make nominations. All nominees must be full members of ACES in good standing on Feb. 15 of the election year. All nominees who comply with the requirements on the nomination form will be accepted as candidates and listed on the ballot. Nominations are made online.


Two years, approximately — from the end of one national conference to the end of the conference two years later.

DUTIES: Members of the Executive Committee shape the policy and direction of the society and take on responsibility for projects and routine tasks. Officers have additional duties, as outlined in the bylaws. ACES operates by virtue of the voluntary efforts of its members, and anyone seeking a seat on the Executive Committee must be willing to spend several hours each week on the business of the organization. Members of the Executive Committee also are expected to attend the national conference and other periodic meetings, as well as to take part in a monthly conference call. Other information may be found in the bylaws.


For more details, e-mail Neil Holdway.

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