ACES Evolve 2023

Systems & Shortcuts: Supercharge Your Efficiency | Lori Paximadis

Running a freelance business is not for the faint of heart. Not only do you need to do what your clients hire you to do, but you must also nurture your client relationships, find new clients, manage your overall workflow and individual projects, keep on top of your invoices and finances, and so much more — without letting anything fall through the cracks. This session will explore how to use systems and shortcuts to save you time, increase your productivity, bring flow to your business, and ultimately make you more money.

Intermediate Level, Freelance editors, Business of Editing


Lori Paximadis has been a successful full-time freelancer for more than half of her 30+-year career in publishing. She edits fiction and nonfiction for clients ranging from major publishers to indies. She has been presenting and training on the topics of systems and efficiency since 2016. Find her at and

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