Toni Suzuki

Edits by Toni


Kanagawa, Japan or Remote



Speculative Fiction, YA and MG Fiction, Japanese to English Translations


Let me take care of the nitty-gritty details so that your writing can truly shine.

I offer copyediting and localization editing services to publishers, independent authors, Japanese speakers of English, and Japanese-English translators. I comb through your writing word by word, searching for anything that might trip up a reader and distract them from your story or message. This includes everything from punctuation and typos to consistency and clarity.

For ESL speakers and translators, I also check vocabulary choices and cultural references to localize your writing for a US-based audience.

⚪️ speculative fiction
⚪️ YA and MG fiction
⚪️ Japanese-English translated material
⚪️ anything dog-related

Style Manuals:
⚪️ Chicago Manual of Style
⚪️ AP Stylebook

⚪️ Bachelor of English: Creative Writing Emphasis, Western Washington University
⚪️ Editing Certificate, University of Washington
⚪️ JLPT N2

At work, I pride myself on balancing kindness with scrupulous, realistic edits. Outside work, I'm a bookworm, dog lover, casual gamer, and full-time word nerd.

Think we'd be a good fit? If you'd like to discuss your project or get a free quote, feel free to send an email to I'm excited to work with you!


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