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Fiction, Nonfiction, Memoir


I offer editorial services through Noel Editorial, based in Montpelier, VT. I've been editing fiction and nonfiction trade since the mid-1990s, including sci-fi, fantasy, YA, horror, mystery, thriller, literary fiction, memoirs, journalistic nonfiction, and self-help. Edited authors include Augusten Burroughs, Amanda Hocking, and Liane Moriarty. Brian Doyle (author of Chicago: A Novel, and The Adventures of John Carson in Several Quarters of the World: A Novel of Robert Louis Stevenson, among others) wrote, "Susannah, thanks for your close careful respectful understanding gentle sharp-eared sharp-eyed work on my books. I cannot easily explain how much it matters to me to have a copyeditor who is not interested in rewriting me, in editing me, in proving that he or she is good at the job by making changes that need not be made. I am really really grateful for your terrific work.” Working with authors is my passion. If you need a manuscript evaluation, structural/developmental edit, copyedit, or proofread of your book for indie publishing or to send to agents and publishers, I would love to hear from you.



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