Shera Atkins

Well-Read Proofreading





Fiction, Advertisements, Blogs, Articles


I have been an avid reader and lover of books of all genres for most of my life, and in 2018, I graduated summa cum laude from A&M Central Texas with a bachelor's degree in English. As an English major, I frequently proofread and edited writing for my peers and found that I have a knack for spotting grammatical errors. I even found errors in my college textbooks on occasion! I have been freelancing since November 2019, and I have been working as a proofreader for Proofit (Grammarly's proofreading service) since January 2020. Throughout my career, I have edited blog posts, product descriptions, business letters, essays, advertisements, poetry, and novels. I have experience with both British and American English and have edited for many writers who speak English as a second language. I use the Chicago Manual of Style most often, but I also have a working knowledge of AP, MLA, APA, and New Hart's Rules. I want to help you take your writing to the next level!


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