Sharon Kaplan

Editing Matters





Nonfiction, academic, journalism, blogs, strategic communications, social media


To use a baseball analogy, I am a five-tool player. I am a veteran newspaper copy editor, layout designer and content producer with social media, strategic communications and publication/project management skills. Combine all of this with a degree in journalism, and I could fill any content production position among a variety of industries from publishing (both print and online) to marketing and communications. Noticing details is my stock in trade, and my years working in newsrooms have molded me into a person who can communicate well remotely as well as handle intense deadline situations and left turns without breaking a sweat.

I am well-versed in the usual style guide suspects: AP and Chicago. I am at expert level in Photoshop, Acrobat and InDesign. I am well versed in most social media platforms and analytics tools, and I'm proficient in several CMS applications and have a basic knowledge of SEO principles. My areas of editing concentration are wide—everything from the hard sciences to public policy, news, business, lifestyle, entertainment and general-interest content.



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