Shana Murph

Revise & Rewrite Editorial Services


Philadelphia, PA



Nursing Education, Academia, African-American Literature, Medical Practice, Marketing, Trade books


I have worked as an editor for 18 years and I have more than 10 years of experience working as an editor and project manager at STEM, trade, and Christian book publishers. I’ve worked on titles from a wide range of specialties including medical practice, nursing education, advanced practice nursing, African-American literature, African-American history, Christian fiction and church curriculum for children, teens, and adults. I have a BA in English from Pennsylvania State University, with a minor in Technical Writing.

My technical writing background includes working as an editor in e-learning, performing QA testing of e-learning courseware, which includes reviewing voice-over work, providing general functionality testing, checking content for accuracy, and copyediting user guides and web site copy. I also review test questions and assessments that use simulations to teach concepts.

I have worked with a variety of style guides and house styles including The Chicago Manual of Style, the APA Publication Manual, the AP Stylebook, and the AMA Manual of Style, but a writer can also choose a more customized style tailored to their own book or short writing project.



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