Rachel Rawlings

Kismet Editing Services


Puget Sound Region, Seattle, and Remote



Alchemy, Astrology, Divinatory Arts, Esoteric Arts, Health and Wellness, Shamanism, Spirituality, Tarot, Veganism, Yoga


Kismet is fueled by my intrigue for the divinatory arts, devotion to the spiritual philosophy and paths of yoga, and commitment to a wellness-focused lifestyle. I am well-acquainted with the terminology and practices of astrology, tarot, yoga, and veganism, and welcome projects with a wellness-focus, and those with an esoteric or mystical nature.

It is kismet to bring together my personal studies with nearly 25 years of management and senior-level administrative roles in positions requiring accuracy, diligence, and integrity.

• Highly skilled in copyediting, fact-checking, and proofreading
• Professional editor of hard and electronic copy for publication in a variety of media formats and for diverse audiences
• Nearly 8 years as an in-house editor
• Experienced editor of astrology and tarot
• Seasoned editor in technical, governmental, and legislative environments
• Proficient web editor
• Expert technical, organizational, and communication skills
• Alumna of University of Washington professional editing and web development programs
• Multi-year, self-directed learner of astrology and current student of Acyuta-bhava Dasa
• Certified yoga instructor with emphasis in trauma-informed practice (200+ hours)
• Vegan

I invite opportunities to apply my skills and expertise with subjects that align with my interests and lifestyle and invite inquiries to discover how we can work together to enhance your written communications and other projects.


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