Subject and Topic Areas: Business: accounting, advertising, business plans, collateral promotional material, company annual reports, employee compensation and benefits handbooks, executive biographies, SEC Forms 10-K and 10-Q, high finance, human resources, interviews, law, legal notices, magazines and other periodicals, marketing material, mass communications, press releases, promotional and public relations material, requests for proposal, Sarbanes-Oxley, speeches, white papers. Education: biology, chemistry, engineering, English as a foreign language, English grammar, foreign language, history, mathematics, and social studies textbooks for elementary, secondary, and higher education; instructors' guides and manuals; SAT prep books; surveys; tests for teacher certification. Medicine: biomedical, nursing, and surgical textbooks and textbook series; clinical trials; continuing medical education (CME); health care; learning disabilities; life sciences; medical and pharmaceutical advertising; patient retention and education; peer-reviewed scientific journal articles and manuscripts; pharmaceutics; pharmacology; physician prescribing and safety information, patient information inserts, and drug labeling according to FDA guidelines; regulatory compliance; slide kits. Technology: Aviation reports, biotechnology, communications technology, computer literature and training materials, high technology, science, technical user's manuals. Other: scholarly and academic works in the forms of bibliographies, college view books, curricula vitae and resumes, directories, dissertations, essays, memoirs, reference books, religious treatises; cookbooks; drama; fiction and nonfiction; surveys; travel guides.


Well qualified to perform a range of editorial services in the forms of copy editing, revising, repurposing, proofing, and fact checking that, together with error reduction to 0%, truly constitute a quality assurance review and expert enrichment of the content of both print and online text in all subjects across all industries. A multilevel resource person whose deep editorial talent, character, dedication, capability, and adaptability have saved clients both time and money. Verifiable record of achievement in the material elevation of levels of written communication and in editorial leadership. Offering knowledge other editors can’t offer to make meaningful and significant contributions editorially. Regularly recognized and cited by clients as an established, sophisticated, superior performer. Thorough knowledge of AMA, AP, APA, and Chicago styles of course—and can get acquainted with, say, Vancouver and others as required.



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