Nicole Van Hoey, PharmD

Van Hoey Medical Communications





Academic textbooks, medical writing/editing, professional education, consumer education, scholarly journals


As a pharmacist specializing in drug information research, I am passionate about getting understandable and useful health information to patients and providers—when they need it and where they most often seek it. For nearly two decades, I have supported working clinicians by developing continuing education programs; by editing medical textbooks, style guides, and treatment guidelines; and via editorial roles in the production of peer-reviewed scholarly journals.

In addition to my expertise in professional materials, I specialize in developing clear, thoughtful explanations of health and medical topics for consumers and students—both in print books or drug information materials and online at reputable patient information outlets, such as, HealthCentral, and

Working remotely from the DC metro area on rapid-turnaround and large, multiple-deadline projects, I focus on plain language and enjoy working with ESL researchers to clarify complex medical data. Throughout my staff and freelance career with government contractors, academic publishers, medical communications companies, and nonprofits, I have applied, developed, and taught about multiple writing styles; in addition to extensive AMA experience, I use APA, Chicago, AP, and more. I continue to maintain high-quality abilities through continuing education with professional organizations and as a committee member, workshop leader, and mentor.


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