Louann Pope

Independent Editor


Mount Pleasant, South Carolina



Fiction (especially fantasy and science fiction), Memoir, Nonfiction (especially business, finance, and economics)


I am a freelance copyeditor. I work on fiction, memoir and biography, and other nonfiction. I can copyedit everything from time-travel romances to blog posts to academic journal articles. Regardless of the type of writing, my goal is always to ensure that the manuscript reflects the best of the author’s ability and unique voice. I see the editing process as a collaboration with the author, one in which I act as a bridge between the author and the reader. Will readers experience the piece of writing in the way the author wishes? Will they get the intended meaning? Will they believe or be persuaded? By considering these questions, as well as the detailed rules of grammar and punctuation, I work as an advocate for both author and reader.I also teach workshops on topics such as self-editing and revision.


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