Libby Graham





Speculative fiction, science fiction, general fiction, fantasy


I'm an editor specializing in speculative fiction. I understand the importance of your voice and have the expertise to help you strengthen and polish it. I offer developmental editing, stylistic editing, copyediting, proofreading, and sensitivity reading. 

I graduated from Queen's University with a bachelor of arts in history and am currently completing the Professional Editing Standards Certificate, also at Queen's. I have taken part in the Editors Canada John Eerkes-Medrano Mentorship Program and regularly attend webinars and courses to refine my editorial skills. I received the Editing Essentials qualification from Editors Canada in April 2022.

While speculative fiction (that is, sci-fi and fantasy) is my area of expertise, I'm also happy to work on projects that are more firmly based in reality, be it fiction or nonfiction. I edit both long-form manuscripts, such as novels and memoirs, and short-form content, such as short stories, project proposals, blog posts, and poetry. 

I know how much heart you put into your work, and my job as your editor is to make sure your effort translates into a publishable piece. I will elevate your writing without compromising your voice and help you hone your strengths as a writer. Visit my website to learn more about me and decide if I'm the right editorial fit for you and your work.


"Libby Graham is a thoughtful, patient, and knowledgeable editor. Her feedback has been immensely helpful and I am grateful for her support during my writing process."
   - Mahaila Smith, author of Claw Machine


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