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Self-publishing as an independent author – indie publishing -- can be a daunting task, but I can help you through the editing stage. I understand the amount of time it has taken you to craft your manuscript, and I’ll ensure any work I do with you will be with a view to producing a book that’s the best it can be: polishing your prose, but keeping it yours. I’m an advanced professional member of the SfEP. I edit for Macmillan, Harper Collins, and some smaller presses, but most of my work – the work I value above all else – is for indie authors who have chosen to take on the publishing process themselves. Many of my authors have published series of books which are doing very well; some choose only to write one book – and these also (rightly) do well.
You are now so close to your creation that only a fresh pair of eyes can help you get your book into the shape you want it to be, to iron out any glitches, and to add some magic. Let’s work together on this wonderful project of yours, so you are ready to share it with the world.


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