Laura Lattimer





Marketing collateral, emails, brochures, application essays, social media, press releases


Laura offers senior-level experience working closely with seasoned and novice writers alike to thoughtfully craft materials for digital, print, and broadcast formats. Her strength is in asking the right questions to move a project toward its intended goals.

When not freelancing, Laura is the full-time editorial and marketing manager at SIR, a Richmond-based communications consultancy. Before that, she was a senior editor at Reingold, an award-winning communications firm near Washington, D.C., where she supported a team of 150 professionals in developing materials for national campaigns focused on veterans’ affairs, education, and healthcare. Anything with a word on it has crossed her desk: op-eds, news releases, social media posts, emails and newsletters, advertisements, brochures, and client reports of all kinds.

Laura is trained in Associated Press Style and has a working knowledge of plain language and inclusive language guidelines. Her writing has been published and presented in academic journals and in online outlets.


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