Katie Jackson

Regency Proofreading LLC





Regency romance, Jane Austen fan fiction (JAFF) and variations, historical romance, sweet romance, clean romance


Hi! I’m Katie, the eagle-eyed editor behind Regency Proofreading. My heartfelt calling is to support writers on their publication journeys. As a lifelong learner and wordsmith, I am devoted to my craft and seek constant improvement through continuing professional development opportunities.

I promise to provide thoughtful, actionable advice and apply expert-level editorial standards at fair prices with no hidden fees. Most importantly, I will give you peace of mind.

I specialize in Regency romance and Jane Austen variations. As a voracious reader of historical romance novels, particularly in those subgenres, I have a unique understanding of bygone eras.

The truth is, readers invest time and money in books, and they expect a high-quality return on their investment. When you work with me, you are investing in your valuable reputation as an author and benefiting from my expertise, while also meeting your readers’ expectations.

Let me know how I may assist you!

In addition to copyediting and proofreading, I also provide a manuscript critique (expert beta reading) service, as well as free ARC reviews.


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