Jennifer Yankopolus

Word Collaborative


Atlanta, GA + remote



architecture, industrial design, landscape architecture, architectural history, garden and landscape history, historic preservation, Southern history and culture, sustainability, general nonfiction ||| books, journal articles, museum exhibitions, white papers, newsletters


My expertise is in framing and polishing your writing to make the maximum impact with your intended audience. I dive deep into manuscript to get a feel for what you are trying to say and then work with you to say it more effectively. The process for doing that unfolds like a conversation between me and you, me asking you probing questions to draw out your intentions and ideas and then translating that to the page by making suggestions for text that might need to be added or deleted, pointing out where an idea is unclear and why, rewriting parts to be more effective, etc. The conversation largely takes place on the page using embedded comments and Word’s tracking changes passed back and forth between the two of us, although this process can be supported by phone conversations or in-person meetings.


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