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Speculative fiction, including fantasy and sci-fi, for adult, middle-grade, and YA readers


Hello, I'm Jenna Justice! I am a fiction editor and proofreader specializing in speculative genres. I love to work on everything that's "out of this world," including high fantasy, science fiction, dystopian, utopian, the paranormal, and urban fantasy. Authors targeting adults and younger readers are equally welcome.

It is my goal to provide line and copyediting, proofreading, and manuscript evaluation services to give independent authors comprehensive feedback at every stage of the publishing journey.

I work with writers who want to ensure their readers receive high-quality, industry-standard fiction. Whether you choose to work fully independently or want to go down the traditional publishing route, I aim to help you put your best book forward.

Honoring your voice and style while editing for clarity and consistency is my primary objective. I value your vision; I will do justice to your words.

Please visit my blog for indie book reviews and articles aimed at aspiring writers and editors.


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