Jeanie Lyubelsky

Lyubelsky Editorial Services


Florida, remote



Fantasy • Science fiction • Mystery • Romance • Adventure • Paranormal • Thriller • Suspense • History • Inspirational • Leadership • Strategy • Fitness • Young adult • Memoirs • Fiction • Nonfiction • Creative story content


As an expert novel and book editor with 20 years of experience, I position words and clear up content to touch readers' minds, hearts, and lives. My clients' published novels and books are in genres from fantasy and science fiction to mystery, romance, and more. My sharp novel proofreader eyes will catch your grammar, syntax, word usage, spelling, and punctuation errors. As a detail-focused novel and book proofreader, we can effect standard English style by following traditional copy editors' rules.

We can also strategically blend your author's voice and writing style to help you draw readers into your story's most touching points. My novel editing experience includes enhancing deeper psychological aspects in story lines and plots, transitions, and convincing character and scene developments. If you want to be a bit daring, I know when to break grammar rules in favor of story-line flow and focus your content on being more marketable to your audience.

Please visit my website and connect with me directly. I look forward to hearing from you!


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