Jeanette Fast Redmond






Catholic editing, scholarly editing, nonprofit editing


Whether you're a Catholic publisher, a nonprofit, a scholarly press, or an author, you need an experienced, highly qualified, and FAST editor. That's where I come in. As a lifelong editor, cradle Catholic, and former scholar with in-house and freelance experience, I can help.

-- If you're a CATHOLIC PUBLISHER, you need an editor with doctrinally solid and pastorally sound Church knowledge.
-- If you're a K-12 CATHOLIC CURRICULUM PUBLISHER, you need a Catholic editor with experience developing teacher and student products.
-- If you're a NONPROFIT, you need someone equally adept at striking the right tone and finding that stray typo that could undermine your credibility with your donors and stakeholders. And often you need a fast turnaround.
-- If you're an ACADEMIC PRESS, you need an editor with a solid understanding of the book production pipeline, experience editing scholarly books, and the ability to communicate effectively and diplomatically with your academic authors.
-- If you're a SCHOLAR seeking to publish, you need an editor who understands your urgent need to publish. You want someone with an advanced academic background, proven ability to edit books and articles alike, and encyclopedic proficiency in Chicago Manual of Style and APA style.



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