Jamie Johnson (they/them)

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Horror, sci-fi, erotica, social sciences, K-12 education, literature in translation, SOPs and instruction manuals, marketing


I am a queer, trans, and autistic copyeditor and proofreader. Beginning in 2015, I have edited a wide range of materials, from textbooks to erotic literature in translation. I am a member of ACES: The Society for Editing and the LGBTQ+ Editors Association, and I have a certificate in editing from the UC Berkeley Extension. As the senior copyeditor for Hugo Award-nominated and World Fantasy Award-winning speculative fiction magazine Strange Horizons, I edit fiction, poetry, reviews, critical essays, and audio transcripts on a tight weekly schedule.

My approach to editing is that of a white mage in your adventuring party—here to help, heal, and buff so you can publish the best version of your work. Open, curious, and flexible, I will help you break from or follow the "rules" of editing according to your voice and vision. Additionally, many writers of erotica or extreme horror worry an editor will be uncomfortable with these topics. Please rest assured that your work is safe with me!


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