Jake Poinier

Boomvang Creative Group


Phoenix, Arizona



Nonfiction, business, sports, financial advice and retirement planning, real estate, personal profiles


Looking for a creative partner who's focused on the business side of the equation as well as high-quality writing and editing services? Let's talk.

As a writer, editor, and ghostwriter, I have partnered with businesses ranging from solo entrepreneurs and small graphic design agencies to Fortune 1000 companies on projects including websites, ad copywriting, marketing materials, speechwriting, white papers, and writing workshops.

In addition to my work as a copywriter and editor, I have written four books on the business of freelance writing, including "The Science, Art and Voodoo of Freelance Pricing and Getting Paid" and "Help! My Freelancers Are Driving Me Crazy." I have ghostwritten and edited more than a dozen nonfiction books for aspiring and established authors, as well as helping them navigate the self-publishing process on platforms such as Amazon, CreateSpace, and IngramSpark.



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