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Business, Corporate, non-fiction, Arts (classical music, opera, theater, ballet), Golf, Psychology, Human behavior, Workplace atmosphere, Company culture, Food, Healthy lifestyle, Bone broth, Newsletters, Case Studies, Communications reports, Communications audits, Articles, Blogs, Internal communications, Conduct interviews


An internal communications consultant with over 20 years of experience in the corporate sector. I create value in communications by conducting internal communications audits; writing communications reports and IC strategies; overseeing, editing and/or writing newsletters; writing articles, case studies and speeches; and interviewing executives and employees.

I help companies recognize their priorities, analyze communication gaps, review KPIs, and strategize integration of all communications for a seamless process. My 20-plus years of professional writing, journalism, marketing and PR experience, combined with my unique ability to understand human behavior, are assets to communications teams.

I work with internal communications and PR directors; executives and leadership teams; and human resources directors.

My abilities as a business communications copywriter allows me the capacity to recognize story potential and quality information, make “boring” content captivating, and then develop quality business communications, which sets me apart from most copywriters. I also work with in-house teams to enhance their storytelling.



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