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Nonfiction, business, finance, education, real estate, health, self-help, YA, children's, culinary arts, memoir, marketing, tax law, DIY


I've worked on everything from e-magazines, educational workbooks, and résumés, to self-improvement guides, B2B, and hundreds of presentations for Amazon conferences. Whether your book needs a copyedit, proofread, or an index, I will ensure it adds value to your hard work.

I spent 15 years in business, primarily in banking and finance, dabbled in real estate, property management, and a bit in the legal field. I earned an accounting degree but it was not my passion. Instead, I discovered language, books, and the written word fascinate me. I've completed several editing courses, earned a Specialized Certificate in Copyediting from UCSD, and completed UC Berkeley's course Indexing: Theory and Application.

My references attest to my determination to ensure complete satisfaction; I'm not happy unless they are happy. I take pride in helping my clients to produce the most streamlined and professional work possible. Please see my website for client comments.

Born and bred a California girl currently residing with my family not too far from the Mexican border, I’m quite familiar with common US customs and practices as well as the Latino culture.

Please note: I do not read, edit, or index political, religious, erotica, horror, or supernatural material.



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