Donna Marks

edits by marks


Montgomery Village, Maryland



Academic: book, thesis


A good editor must support the rules of language and allow it room to grow at the same time by adapting to changes in style as they relate to the field you are working in. Moderation is the key to good health, so learn to retain the best of both prescriptive grammar (the rules of usage) with descriptive grammar (words as they are actually used by speakers) to keep a healthy balance.

I have more than 25 years’ editorial and writing experience; including editor for a large public school system. I have used my writing, editing, and design skills in newspapers, newsletters, books, magazines, manuscripts, theses, proposals and reports, and advertising copy—print and online.
 Edit and manage publishing of books, with two books published to date.
 Edit and format dissertations/theses for master’s and doctorate candidates.
 Write stories for local newspaper, also published online.
 Editorial consultant for web projects.

Education Highlights
M.A. Publication Design, University of Baltimore
B.A. Journalism and French, Rutgers University



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