Corinne M Westphal

Your Writing Best Friend (at Benten Group, LLC)





Non-fiction books and articles, academic works (theses and dissertations), curriculum and training materials, corporate marketing and internal documentation and more ...


For several decades, I’ve served as writer, editor, translator and communication coach to corporations and non-profits, corporate and small business professionals, aspiring authors, educators and students.

More specifically, my relevant professional background includes staff positions as a print and broadcast news, PR and marketing writer, curriculum developer and ESL teacher. I’ve freelanced for many years as writer, editor, translator and coach, and several years ago, I added helping native and non-native English-speaking students as an academic writing coach to my work passions.

My educational background includes undergraduate studies at Boston University in journalism and graduate work in applied linguistics (teaching ESL) at Georgetown University.

I pride myself in having strong skill sets in the mechanics of writing and an attentiveness to structure and style while keeping my clients' voice and spirit paramount.

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